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Is your roof damaged and in need of repair, tear off, or replacement by a reliable roofing company serving Detroit, Michigan?

Safeway provides excellent roof repair, roof replacement, and roof tear off services. We have many colors and styles of roofing shingles to enhance the beauty of your home. If your roof is damaged we may be able to repair the damage and stop the leak without replacing your entire roof.


Has your roof been leaking because of storm damage including hail, wind, or rain?

The roofers at Safeway are knowledgeable about proper air circulation and the underlying structure of your roof. We can repair any type of storm damage to your roof including replacing rotten wood, fascia, and trim. We will stop the leak and save the structure of your home from any further damage.


A roof leak that is not repaired quickly can cause much more expensive structural damage to your home. Water can damage ceilings, walls, structural support and many other areas of your home. A roof replacement or repair can save you money from the continuing effect of water damage to the structure of your home.


Safeway Construction has decades of roofing experience in Detroit, Michigan. Our experienced roofers will give you many options for the color and style of roofing shingle to enhance the look of your home. We are also experienced at clearing roof violations with the city of Detroit.


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Residential Roofing Services Detroit MI


Hail, wind, and storms can cause severe damage to your roof. If you have a leaky or damaged roof and are looking for quality roof repairs, a new roof, re-roof, or a roof tear off in Detroit, Michigan call Safeway for an estimate.


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Call Safeway today if your are in need of a free roof estimate. Stop the water damage that a leaky roof will cause and call us today. Our experienced Detroit, Michigan roofers can repair, replace, tear off, and install a new roof to meet your expectations.