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Roofing Company

Do you have a damaged or leaky roof and are searching for a Westland, MI roofing company to tear off or repair your roof?

Safeway Construction provides roof replacement, re-roof, and roof repair services for damaged or leaky roofing for homes and garages.


Do you need a professional roofing company in Westland, MI to repair damage due to storms, wind, hail, or rain?

Our roofers are also experienced carpenters and are capable of making proper repairs to a damaged roof. We can repair or replace a roof that has experienced storm damage, hail damage, rain damage, or wind damage.


Roof damage that is not repaired such as a leaky roof, or storm damage can cause expensive structural problems in you home. Water damage can continue to weaken the structure under your roof. Safeway Construction will determine the best action and give you options on the proper way to permanently fix the problem. We are the roof repair and re-roofing experts.


Safeway Construction has decades of roofing experience. We offer a full range of shingle colors and styles to accent your home. If you have roofing violations we can complete the necessary work and clear the violation.


Westland Michigan Roofing Company Services


Residential Roofing Services Westland MI


Safeway Construction provides a wide range of services for your home or garage roof. We are experienced in roof replacement, re-roofing, and roof tear off projects. If your roof needs repairs because of leaks, damaged shingles, or damaged wood we can quickly complete the repairs. We are a licensed and insured contractor.


Roof Repair Services


Call Safeway Construction today if you are in need of a Westland, MI roofing company to repair or replace your home or garage roof due to any type of damage including wind damage, hail damage, and storm damage. Our carpenters and roofers are experienced in any type of new roof installation and roof repairs, we can give you a quick estimate and complete the roof repair or installation on schedule.